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Dead Faint

Dead Faint - Lizzie T. Leaf When I was offered to read and review this series I was elated! Well…I was too late to read book 1 but I jumped at the chance to read book 2, Dead Faint. O.M.G. This series is hilarious! I now have the first book. (Highly recommended)

If you are looking for a completely different twist on the whole vampire genre, this series is for you. Its laugh out loud funny, sexy and real. I really felt like I was there in the alleyway when Billie Joyce (BJ) was turned and Daniel coming to her rescue…BJ is this timid girl from the country and did not expect to find vampires, become a vampire and have to deal with drinking blood. The ways that she had to drink was priceless.

Daniel is the vampire with the task of trying help BJ in her new world. He didn’t expect to be attracted to her or her to him. Their relationship was sweet and felt completely natural to me. Minus, the blood.

I know that most writers either like being compared to other authors or not but Ms. Leaf’s turn on the vampire world is reministant of MaryJane Davidson with her pacing, plotting and humor. Vampire stories don’t have to be all gothic to make a point and be good.

I would recommend this book and so far, the series to my mother, aunts, cousins for the humor, dialogue and twists and turns the book takes.

*I received this book as part of a blog tour for a fair and honest review*