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Not Just a Fling

Not Just a Fling - Christie Butler
Good lord this book was hot! There was no surface left untouched with these two.

I complete understood where Charlotte was coming from. One bad relationship to another and not finding what she really wanted in the relationship. Taking a break from men in general, she embarks on a vacation that would completely change her outlook on men and on life.

Kyle Eastman was done dealing with his past and went on vacation to move forward. I love a man that has a plan. :) Planning his complete seduction of Charlotte will take more thought than he bargined for. I loved that Kyle was ready to move on and his connection with Charlotte was real, not forced.

Some of the scenes in this book are absolutely hiliarous. The misconnection betwen them at times was laugh out loud funny. Seriously. I felt like I was right there as a spectator and I couldn't help but shake my head from the laughter. Great scenes Christie!

I felt the emotional connection between Kyle and Charlotte and while I liked the miscommunication scenes, it did crack my heart a bit. I really wanted those two to get together emotional. Physically, they already were there. *fans self*

When reality set in and it was time to go, what was Charlotte going to do? Read the book to find out.

Ms. Butler is a new to me author but not anymore. I loved her pacing, writing style and voice. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Butler's work.