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Future Perfect

Future Perfect - Suzanne Brockmann I bought this book yesterday at the grocery store. Most people will stone me but I don't follow her military romantic suspense books. I do, however, read her earlier contemporaries. I haven't read this one until today. I was not disappointed.

This book is near perfect. This book was original released in 1993 and for all intensive purposes was not updated with the modern tech toys that we have now and frankly, it doesn't need it. Its a love story between two people that don't trust love but end up trusting the love that they have for each other.

Juliana and Webster are perfect for each other. Webster fell in love from the moment that he saw her in her costume that she wore for her bed & breakfast that she owned. He is suffering from severe writer's block and decides to stay at the B&B for six weeks hoping that he can write his book. What he finds is his muse in Juliana.

Juliana has come from the school of hard knocks. When her grant aunt Alicia took her in at 16, she found someone that loved her, gave her a home and a purpose in life. She vowed to never fall in love and never marry. From the moment that Webster arrived at her B&B, she never knew what hit her.

The raw emotions that are between Webster and Juliana are real and heartfelt. Some harsh words are said between them but it is not neatly wrapped up in a few paragraphs in the end. They still have hurdles and hurt feelings to sort through. The bedroom door is open considering the book was published in the early 1990's and are emotional and raw.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to read a contemporary romance with a few surprises about both of them that make you say WOW in the end. (spoilers if I told you and I HATE spoilers in a review)