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Sexual Politics

Sexual Politics - Tara Mills

I’m just gonna come out and say it, this is such a cute story. I know, I know…I shouldn’t say that based on the cover and blurb but underneath it all is a great story about a woman in an unhappy marriage that meets her soul mate at the wrong time.

Now don’t get me wrong about the story. I loved it and if I had one quibble, I wish it were longer because I loved Sean and Justine. I even like Justine’s husband, Gary. Yes, I liked him. Sure he was a cheater but no matter to Justine. She still believed in him as a person and that said a lot to me about Justine’s character and also Gary’s. I hate cheaters but in the end…well, let’s just say that’s when I really like Gary. (Hint: Please write a book about him. I’d read it and see if he can be fully redeemed. :) )

Justine and Sean were great characters. Justine knew the game but was tired of playing it. Meeting Sean was a true twist of fate but she was steadfast in her marriage that it would end after the election. She had conviction and a belief in Gary that no matter what happened in the marriage, she truly would stand behind him in politics. That takes guts. But she was no patsy either. She made sure that Gary knew what was up.

Sean was a the character that I had to fall in love with. Since the story is somewhat short, it has a feeling of instalove but I re-read the book again. Pay attention. Ms. Mills has written a very layered story in regards to Sean. He’s like an onion…look closer there are a lot of layers to him. Justine got him from the beginning but I didn’t. *head desk*

Don’t worry about the cheating…it happens off book with Gary. Plus when Sean and Justine finally come together its sweet and sensual. The ending was perfect. Funny in a way that I didn’t see coming.

Again, I will re-read this story again because I just love Justine and Sean. Such a sweet story about finding your soul mate, even at the wrong time. Oh and Gary’s Chief of Staff…didn’t see that plot twist either.