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Some Like it Royal

Some Like it Royal - Heather Long Wow, just wow! An intelligently written book about a tried and true trope: The forgotten royal. I love this trope for many reasons and Ms. Long nails every reason why I do. The heroine is smart, sexy and doesn’t have a clue about her heritage at all. The hero isn’t a douche; yes, he has a reason why he wants her to be a true royal but he is honest from the beginning. I know…smart thing that Ms. Long did. Plus, the heroine agrees but makes the hero jump throw hoops in the beginning but too bad. This is a story about how a forgotten princess and her billionaire pseudo fiancée fall in love. Sorry but there’s no deception, no one trying to break them up or do anything stupid.

Now, I could say that I felt some similarities with the move Pretty Woman and the character of Victor but Ms. Long gave it a different spin. Alyx, our heroine, had a presence about her; a familiarity about being a princess. Of course, our hero, Daniel, stepped in a couple of times to remind Victor that Alyx was tired and needed a break. *swoon* Victor has got to be the best secondary character that I have read in a long time. He wasn’t intrusive, mean or treated Alyx like an idiot. When she needed someone, he was there for her; not as a teacher but as a friend.

What really drew me the characters was that actually got to know each other as people. They got to be friends before the sex started. As I told Ms. Long, I appreciate the fact that I was more than half way through the book before they even had sex. Sure there is tension and build up but Ms. Long puts Daniel and Alyx in a situation that just perfect for them to finally give themselves to each other. Trust me, when you read it, you will swoon, fist pump and wish that a lot of other authors would follow Ms. Long on this. :)

If you are wondering where the conflict is, trust me its there but its not what you think. Again, Ms. Long doesn’t dumb her characters down or her readers. Another thing about Daniel and Alyx is that in the end, these two really cared about each other and wanted it to work.

If I had one thing to gripe about…I really need to know if Alyx’s boxes will ever show up. I felt like, for me, I needed that closure. The picture was great that Daniel gave her but I wanted more. Again, its just me. I don’t know what I would do without “my stuff” like that.

Overall, buy this book. Give it to your mother, grandmother, aunt, niece really anyone. Its funny, sweet, sexy when needed, and Ms. Long nails a trope that many authors miss and brings heart, heat and a sense of belonging that anyone can identify with.