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Some Like It Scandalous

Some Like It Scandalous - Heather Long In the second of the Suddenly Royal series, we meet Armand (Charlie) and Anna. College sweethearts until the news broke that he was really a prince and was needed back home after the death of his father. Anna went ahead and went with him but in the end, she left. Why did she leave? Well, its sorta complicated but sorta not. As the tagline states, not every girl wants to marry a prince.

I LOVED Anna right from the start. She is smart, sexy, confident, and still in love with Charlie. What she wasn't going to do was capitulate to Armand. Yes, I said Armand, the prince. She didn't know that side of him and had already put up with that side of him when they were whisked away to Norway when he became the head of the family. She didn't like being alone, being told what to do and was scared. She loves Charlie and in this book has to get to know Armand and everything that comes with him. I swear I fist pumped at the last half of the book when she told him her feelings but didn't give in to him at all. She made him sweat and figure out how it was all going to work out between them. :)

In the beginning, I didn't particularly care for Charlie (Armand). Too heavy-handed and sneaky in my book. Yes, he wanted Anna but only on his terms. He never once thought about her and what she truly wanted out of their relationship when they reunited. I did however, loved the flashback scenes when it was just Charlie and Anna in college. It showed him as selfless, loving and giving person. Not the almost douche that he was becoming. It took the accident involving Rick to finally get him to figure out what he really wanted out of life and with Anna.

I loved the sub plot of someone wanting to hurt Anna. For me it showed great strength of character that Anna had in her situation and how she dealt with it. Again, you go girl! She never backed down and the twists were great. Oh and Armand's brother Sebastian...please for the love of all that's holy, let his book be next. Even though he was only in the book for a couple of scenes, I fell in love with him. He was only looking out for his older brother even if it did sorta backfire.

Everything about the book is perfect. I love the royal trope but what's better is the second chance trope. Charlie and Anna never stopped loving each other but needed that time apart from each other to finally figure out how to live as a couple and to grow as individuals. Plus the scenes when they finally talk about what happened 10 years ago were emotional and heartfelt. In my opinion, that's when their love story started. Yes, they loved each other in college but once the Band aid was pulled, they could finally see each other and their wants and needs.

I just love how Heather writes. Her sex scenes are organic in nature. In fact, like I said in the first book, this book would be a winner if the sex wasn't there. And yes, your mother/grandmother/aunt could read this book and not blush too bad. Ms. Long can write some of the best sensual, emotional sex out there.

Please give this series a chance. You will not be sorry and I can't wait for the next one. Please, fingers crossed, let it be Sebastian. Or even Rick. I liked Rick, too. :)

Oh and one last thing...even though this is a series, you DON'T have to read the first book. Each stands alone. :)