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Runaway Groom (Watkin's Pond)

Runaway Groom (Watkin's Pond) - Virginia Nelson You know the best part of reading a new book in a series? You get a feel for the town, the secondary characters and try to figure out who the author has planned to write about next. I have some thoughts but you need to read this book to find out. The worst part of reading a new book in series? I did not want this book to end.

Braxton stole my heart from the first page. Literally the first page. In fact the first word… *sigh* I’ve never known a hero in a book to be this romantic. At the same time, my heart broke for him. He knew what he had done was awful but when you are young and dumb, you think you have all the answers but in hindsight, you don’t. Sometimes, it takes people some years to figure out why they did the things back when they younger and how it hurt not just the people around them but to themselves, too. Braxton had some growing up to do being away from Watkins Pond and when he came back, he was all grown up and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Was he all Alpha? In my eyes, no. Just a man who grew from a boy who realized his one big mistake and would do whatever it took to make it right.

Abby, on the hand, was a bit too bitchy for me in the beginning. I totally understood the whole left at the altar in front of the whole town thing but come on…it had been 10 years. She wouldn’t even talk to him. I did like the slap though! :) She was all about the seduction of course because she remembered how great they were before but honestly, it wasn’t until 50% of the book did I finally really, really like her. Now her bestie Carnie was a laugh riot! OMG! The stuff that came out of her mouth…priceless!

Now don’t get all riled up because of my thoughts about Abby, in the end I could totally see her point in the matter; it just took me some time to get there. In the end at the gravestone…yes, I’ve done that and its completely therapeutic. I highly recommend it. One thing that got me with Braxton and Abby was the ability to “talk” to each without realizing it. Yes, they did talk to each other but it wasn’t what they expected. Braxton wanted that sit down, lay it all on the table but in the end…he got much more than that.

I would be remiss to say anything about Braxon seducing Abby again. Imaginative and grown up is all I’m going to say right now. They aren’t teenagers anymore and Ms. Nelson does a great job with that aspect of their story. But for me the best part of the book are the letters. No one writes them anymore and actually mails them. Its all about instant email, messaging and texting. There is something to be said about the written word that you mail to someone and again, Ms. Nelson’s plot point with the letters is brilliant and beautifully written. Please don’t skip this part of the story. This is where I lost it with Braxton. So heartfelt and then for Abby to realize that she never got them.

Please, I beg of you, if you like small town stories with a bit of spice, Abby and Braxton will steal your heart. Plus, I can’t wait to see who Ms. Nelson writes about next. My money is on….