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Give Me Forever

Give Me Forever - Celeste Carrara I never tire of Vampire Romances and Give Me Forever is a perfect example of why not. Celeste Carrera took a well-covered genre and created an interesting, action-filled and extremely sensual and romantic environment. The characters are all unique and while the basic Vampire traits are present, we are exposed to some aspects of Vampire lore in new and different ways.

Serena is young, beautiful, powerful and lonely. As the King’s daughter, she has been quite sheltered growing up. Nevertheless, as she transitions into a true Vampire, an emotionally (as well as physically) strong, intelligent, and tough character emerges. She is, quite frankly, one of my favorite Female Vampires to date. She has a love life of sorts and while she has her fair share (and then some) of heartache, she is a character I could both relate and aspire to.

Romance lovers will be quickly enamored with Serena’s soul mate, someone she meets and then quickly finds her world turned upside down. He is seen handsome, tough, hot, sexy, tender and scared, all within a short period of time and their chemistry is explosive.

Sex is somewhat rampant in and out of the storyline and is all over the map on the heat scale. The descriptions are clear and somewhat graphic, making this an 18 and older book.

The book was engaging and easy to read. Turning the pages as quickly as I could, I devoured the book in several hours time. I was so grateful to learn that it is a series as I did not want to part with my new-found ‘friends’ at the end of the book. I encourage Vampire Romance lovers everywhere not to wait but to read Give Me Forever today!
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