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Gaming for Keeps

Gaming for Keeps - Seleste deLaney I’m a little nervous here. This is my first ever Entangled blog tour with a review and I hope I don’t screw it up. When I picked Gaming for Keeps to read, it was the spy angle that intrigued me. Gaming, not so much. For me, gaming is throwing a quarter into the old Tempset machine and hoping that I get a high score. Yes, I’m that old to remember going to the video arcade and spending my babysitting money. Our house has a Playstation and a Wii but it’s completely lost on me. Also, the whole online gaming thing…it reminds me of my younger brother and his friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. Now that, I could watch for hours.

When I started the book, I didn’t realize that I was reading a battle scene from an online game. I really felt like I was reading a battle scene out of a fantasy movie. Hooked me from the beginning and it never stopped. As much as I don’t ‘game’, the references, game character names that are used in the book, I knew. Woo Hoo! OMG, Ms. de Laney asked the age-old question about Star Trek vs Star Wars. I love both for completely different reasons. Oh and there is a Firefly reference. *sigh Nathan Fillion* Shiny… ;)

Pen and Cal were perfect for each other. One problem though, when their first meeting in person, they don’t realize who each other is. Just that Pen needed a sorta rebound and Cal just wanted her. Their dialogue was snappy and realistic. The scene at the con when she dares him to read the code on her t-shirt was priceless. ROTFL! Pen and Cal were so intuned with each other intellectual and sexually. Yes, the sex was hawt but also brought them closer than they ever thought.

Again, I’m not a gamer but I never felt like I needed to be when I read the book. Ms. de Laney was able to hook me from the first page and never let me go. The suspense element in the book was good, too. I love a good suspense element and she delivered. Cal’s back story was interesting, too. I hope that she writes more about the other spies that we were introduced too.

When all is said and done, Gaming for Keeps is a cute story about two gamers that what to play for keeps. The story will take hold of you early on and not let go. Ms. de Laney has written a story that even a non-gamer can enjoy and appreciate the geekdom of it all. Makes me want to ask my brother is he wants to play D&D again.
- See more at: http://www.harliesbooks.com/posts/entangleds-ever-afters-gaming-for-keeps-by-selete-de-laney-arc-reviewauthor-interview/#sthash.6V5bWuLa.dpuf