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Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps

Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps - Jo Piazza Okay, I have to admit my real age here…46, happily married for 8 years and a mom to a 8 yr old boy. You would think that I wouldn’t identify with the characters in this book but sadly I did. I just didn’t have cell phone or social media when I was in the dating pool.

This book had me laughing out loud more times than not. Yes, its chick lit and there is a bit of a romance in the end but its more about self discovery and how different women deal with breakups, hookups and eventually their self-worth when it comes to their relationships with men.

Founded on the premise of AA, the Love Rehab support group was formed. The group is an eclectic group of women from all walks of life, professions and social/economic classes. Eventually there is a male in the group and the results are heartwarming when he realizes how big of a douche he has been to women.

Sophie isn’t a one dimensional character. She has a lot of layers and when she finally peels those layers from her and realizes that she needs to love herself first, its emotional. Failing for Annie’s doctor Joe wasn’t in the plan but sometimes love doesn’t care. (BTW, that isn’t a spoiler but their relationship is explored in great depth and with a deft hand)

What is so fun about the book is the dialogue. Spot on, laugh out loud funny and true to the characters that speak them. No two women are alike and its reflected in their thought, actions and dialogue. OMG…the movie references are to die for. Plus, when one of the women finally confronts her ex at the end of the book. Again, OMG! Its a question that every woman has after a break up. I nearly came to tears for her. It was sad but in the end, she wanted to hear it and her reaction was priceless.

I’m not sure really what else to say except this is must reading for the summer. Some of what you will read will make you cringe, laugh, cry and want to really slap any man upside his head. As we all know, women are emotional and men…well, they are still trying to figure themselves out
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