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A Brother's Honor

A Brother's Honor - Brenda Jackson *sigh* Have you read an author that makes you feel like you have come home? Brenda Jackson is that author for me. I will admit that I haven’t picked up a Brenda Jackson book in a while. Reading her latest made me realize that her books are my comfort food. And I missed my comfort food.

As most people know, I devour Harlequin books every month. I have my favorite lines to read and authors, too. Ms. Jackson took hold of me when I first read one of her Westmorelands (can’t remember if it was a Desire or Blaze) and then when I read her Steele series (one of the best series of books EVER), I knew that I could never get enough of her writing, characters and settings.

A Brother’s Honor brings me home again. Home to characters that I instantly care about, love and cheer for in romance. The Grangers are no exception. Jace, Caden and Dalton are brothers that have been dealt a lot when they were teenagers. Their dad was tried and convict of killing their mother. Raised by their grandfather and further ostracized by their friends growing up, coming home when their grandfather lays dying isn’t the homecoming that they had expected.

I will caution you dear readers, there are a lot of subplots going on with this book. We are introduced to the brothers, their potential love interests, the family secrets, the family business, the mystery of their dad’s denial to finding the real killer and most importantly the bond that the brothers have with each other. The suspense plot regarding the company plays out in a big way and I loved how it ended. I wasn’t prepared for it and I had that OMG moment when I read it. Didn’t see it coming and I loved it.

Jace and Shana are that couple that you read and from their first sentence together you know that there is nothing that can pull them apart. Not even a nasty ex-wife. Their chemistry from the start was HAWT but also very sweet. He sang to her when she slept. Yes, will he hummed but it was still sweet. They didn’t pull any punches with each other either. Their dialogue was honest and real. At times, forceful but also tender, raw and sweet.

I don’t want to give a lot away in my review because like I said there is a lot going on but Ms. Jackson never made me feel lost. It flowed and came together in the end. The secondary characters in the book aren’t window dressing either. They are well drawn out and essential to the story. Trust me, most of them we will see again and I can’t wait. Hannah in particular has her hands full. Plus, I want to see more of Shana’s dad and his lady love. Trust me, Ben and Mona are sweet together.

I can’t wait for Caden’s book next month. Plus, the mystery behind Shiloh and the photograph are really bugging me.

If you are looking for a good family driven contemporary look no further than Brenda Jackson. I have a new family to follow now and I finally found my way home again.

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