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Stone Chameleon

Stone Chameleon - Jocelyn Adams I need to admit to my dear readers that I’m not a fan of Urban Fantasy. Yes, I just came out and admitted it. That said, I COULD.NOT.PUT.THIS.BOOK.DOWN. Let me list the reasons why:

1. The world building in this story is breathtaking. Its set in what was Philadelphia and Ms. Adams description of it the city is now is spectacular.

2. The characters grabbed me from the beginning. Lou, Amun, Isaac, Harper, Dom and Gerry. Lou is a jinn but since the war that wiped out the jinn, she hides it from the world and her friends. Amun, is the mysterious businessman that has decided that he wants Lou for his own. Many mysteries surround him but damn, he is swoon worthy. Isaac is the vampire leader and all around asshat (villain) in the book. And he’s Scottish…in a kilt. But still an asshat.

Harper is Lou’s friend from her childhood and is a pixie. OMG, the amount of sugar that girl eats will leave you in a diabetic coma. Gerry is the human cop that helps Lou when he can and Dom is one of Lou’s co-workers that has a thing for Doritos.

3. Again, I go back to me NOT reading Urban Fantasy. The main reason why I loved this book is the fact that while it is UF, it’s also a paranormal. Only, it’s NOT your typical paranormal. Sure we have a vampire but there are more mythical creatures in the book that held my attention so much more. The creatures that she has come with in the story are different and complex.

4. There is a guinea pig in this story named Benny. I had guinea pigs when I was growing up and Benny is a character all unto his own. :)

5. The blood trace, marking ceremony, bad jinn and all around mysteries that are NOT solved in the end left me speechless. Yes, the book is left wide open with no romantic HEA or HFN. I don’t particularly like that in my reading but for this series it makes perfect sense. Read my interview with Ms. Adams and you will understand. Isaac isn’t finished torturing Lou yet. Asshat!

6. The “villain” in the book will return but I really really want him to suffer, too. Again, this goes back to my not reading of UF. In most UF books, the villain stays around for a while and we don’t get the HEA/HFN between our beloved hero/heroine for a long time. And for this story, I liked that. Really liked it.

7. I know that you are probably shaking your head wondering if I enjoyed the book and that would be a resounding HELL YES! Even if the ending was heartbreaking for me and left wide open. I would beta read for Ms. Adams, if she would let me. ;)