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Sand Castle Bay

Sand Castle Bay - Sherryl Woods Emily and Boone were childhood sweethearts that wanted different things in life and eventually went their separate ways. After a hurricane damages Emily’s grandmother’s restaurant, she and her two sisters come home to help. What Emily didn’t expect was for her feelings for Boone to resurface.

Boone, poor Boone. He was goner from the first moment that he even HEARD that Emily was there. But he is a widower with a young son and former in-laws threatening at every turn to take away his son. He doesn’t need Emily back in his life. Unfortunately, his heart is not cooperating with his head. He also didn’t think that his son would take such a shine to Emily and not realizing that his son was truly missing his mother.

I’ve briefly talked about why I read Sand Castle Bay above. I truly adored Emily and Boone. From the opening paragraph to the last paragraph, I was engaged to know those two more than just on the surface. Emily and Boone had a depth to them. Ms. Woods let me get to know them as individuals and then as a couple. Yes, were there sacrifices, misunderstandings and miscommunication between them? Sure, it’s what made them human. In fact, I got to know all of the characters in the book. Emily’s family was not window dressing or there just to prop her up when the plot dictated it. These are real people with real thoughts, wants and needs.

The townspeople are good people who can be a bit gossipy but what small town can’t be a bit gossipy. I will say that Boone’s in-laws really grated on my last nerves and I look forward to the continuation of that thread in Gabi’s book. I don’t think that its “over” between them.

I highly recommend Sand Castle Bay to you, my dear readers. Yes, is sweet/sensual in nature? Yes, but sex would have just gotten in the way of the beautifully storytelling that Ms. Woods weaves in the book. I was captivated by the setting, characters and most of all, Emily and Boone. Sometimes second chances truly are better than the first time around and Emily/Boone proved that.