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A Man Like Mike

A Man Like Mike - Lee Sami When I was trolling NetGalley a couple of weeks ago, I saw that Escape Publishing had put some of their books out there for review. While I would have read all of them, Ms. Lee’s book stood out for a couple of reasons. The first reason is the cover/blurb. Beautiful cover; it has a baby on it; and the blurb blew me away. I know that it might have read like a standard romance troupe but there was something in the way that I read it that I had to read this book. Also, I will admit that I know Sami but honestly, have never read anything by her. Sure, I’ve bought her books but with my schedule, just haven’t had time to read for pleasure anymore.

When we were discussing Harlie spotlighting A Man Like Mike, Ms. Lee had some concerns. As an erotic author, were people gonna be put off that she wrote a sweet, closed door sex book? WTH? Of course not. If the reader truly likes your work, they will follow.

Yes, this book has closed door sex in it and you know what? Sometimes open door sex is unnecessary in a book. Yes, I said it and I mean it. This book has everything that I’m looking for in a contemporary romance. Emotions, laughter, family dynamics, sexual tension, and above all romance. The romance in the book was very subtle and it sneaks up on you.

Mike is still trying to deal with the sudden death of his older brother and living in his shadow. He is hurt that his brother didn’t chose his a Bailey’s guardian but believes that he can move in with Eve and Bailey to help out short term. He ever expected to fall in love with Eve and crave the life that his brother had. I truly felt for Mike and the wide range of emotions that he has throughout the book. Plus, he can cook and take care of a baby. *sigh*

Eve, too is dealing the sudden loss of her best friend Jacinta. Their backstory is poignant and a little sad. I totally understood why Eve was reluctant to let anyone help her with Bailey. She had something to prove to herself that she could do this and be a much better mom that what she had growing. Oh Eve…big hug! Dealing with her feelings for Mike and understanding them were a completely different thing all together.

You will root for this couple from the start. They were meant to be together from their first meeting at the wedding, to the funeral, to Mike showing up at her door offering to help. Both are wounded souls to different degrees but in the end belonging, being a family and true love win out.

Don’t miss out a truly remarkable story that Ms. Lee has written. You will sigh, laugh, cry and sigh with the emotions that this book brings out