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Turning Point

Turning Point - Tiffany Snow Okay, please hear me out during this review. This is my first and definitely NOT my last book that I will read from Ms. Snow. Romantic Suspense is my all time favorite sub genre but I did have some issues with the characters and the triangle.

Kade: Holy mother of God! I want him; I crave him; he is mine so ladies back off. :) When he delivers a line like this: Kade: “Neither Blane nor I are your happily-ever-after, princess. Blane will break your heart, and I’m the guy your mom warned you about. Don’t kid yourself about that.” Yep, he’s mine! *sigh* Sure he’s a gun for hire. People want him dead and the people who are around him but damn…He doesn’t sugarcoat his thoughts, feelings and what he is going to do. He protects Kate at all costs. *double sigh*

Blane: Okay, I’m not going to full on bash him but his character is a bit too cold for me. I never got the sense that he loves Kate. Sure he likes her and she looks good on his arm but he made decisions about his life that should have included Kate but he didn’t do that with her. She would find out later and to me it all comes down to trust and personally, I don’t trust him. That said, I am going back and read the first two books to see if he is just having a personality defect right now so I’m hopeful. :) He is sexy though but I’m still Team Kade.

Kate: Kate or my Kate. Loved her. She has spunk, sass and despite the trouble that she gets into, she is smart. Not too bright when it comes to her taste in men (make up your mind lady) but I connected with her. I liked how she left Blane’s house for her own when she healed. She knew that she needed her own space to think and fully heal. One small detail though…she does need to listen to Kade and Blane when they tell her no! But then if she did, where’s the fun in that?

Overall: I have found a new RS author to read and stalk! Ms. Snow can write spellbinding, edge of you seat suspense. With all the twists, turns, situations, men, hits on the head, lies, and an ending so…O.M.G. Yep, definitely reading the first two books before December. Just saying…
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