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The One that Got Away

The One that Got Away - Jess Dee Good law Jess!!!! The prologue left me in a puddle. Just saying…

Poor Lily. Meeting the man of her dreams only to have him shatter them in an instant. Fast forward 5 months and she sees him again at a party. What’s a girl to do? Ignore him? Talk to him? Slap him? That choice was taken away from her when he spots her first. Being cool towards him isn’t working; trying not to jump his bones would be a bad, I mean good idea but where would it leave her heart?

Everybody has been Lily at some point in their life. Finding the one and then losing him/her to something or someone. I have and it hurt like hell and it some degree still hurts and it was over 20 years ago. I felt for her, understood her and her conflicted feelings. I really wanted to slap Kai in the beginning of the story. But once he explained the who, where, what and why, I softened a little bit. He still needed to grovel some more and he did.

If you have never read a Jess Dee story, be prepared for some the hottest loving you will ever read. I’m still left in a puddle and taking a shower didn’t work. It will leave you breathless and wanting more. Ms. Dee writes with emotional depth in her smexy scenes that when its over, you need to cuddle with someone. Its not sex for sex sake; there is a purpose. The plot is fast paced and flows so well that when you close the book, you are still thinking about it. That’s great writing.

*I received this book from the author for a fair and honest review*