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Unleashing the Receptionist

Unleashing the Receptionist - Juniper Bell Okay, where to start? I love my Dana, Simon and Ethan. Oh how I love them. The perfect menage, will almost perfect. Secrets, an old business partner and being audited are things that don’t sit well with our threesome. In fact, it almost drives them apart.

Dana is my kinda girl. She’s smart, sexy, can play the brat, but she is conflicted. Throughout the last year working for Simon and Ethan, she doesn’t feel appreciated enough. She still considers herself the “receptionist”; not a real part of the company. She doesn’t know how Simon and Ethan met and the true nature of their relationship. They keep assure her that the past is the past and it should be forgotten. Move forward. Well, when an old business partner comes into town, Dana’s had enough. Time to prove that she’s more than just the receptionist and their play toy.

Ethan and Simon can not be more different in everything they do and want. Even physically, they are different. Ethan, is the master of their threesome; Simon the trainer. It has taken me until this book to fully understand and appreciate Ethan. He is not an easy man to like sometimes. Simon, I feel in love with from the start. He’s easy to love; Ethan not so much. When their secret is revealed its a shocker but it fully explains them, their relationship and Dana’s part in the relationship.

This story is a quick, fun read that has everything going for it. Great plot, the pacing never slows down and things that are done in an office that is highly inappropriate. Be warned though, there is spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, M/F/M, M/M, F/F (hot), toy action, anal, oral and every menage position that I hadn’t thought of. I needed a fan when I was done reading. Ms. Bell can write erotic with the best of them. The dialogue between the three is hot and sweet.

If you have not picked up any of the books in the series, I highly recommend reading them. For this reader, Unleashing the Receptionist is the best. Ms. Bell dives further into their relationship with great results.

*I received this book as part of a blog tour for a fair and honest review*