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Dead Hot (Dead #5)

Dead Hot (Dead #5) - Lizzie T. Leaf This series just gets better and better. With the addition of Sharla and Dorsey, the humor is ratched up a notch and the sex between them is spicier. Plus, with the addition of Sharla’s family and a little magic this book ROCKS!

Sharla is a shifter that unfortunately shifts when she nervous and feels cornered. What she shapes into is a Chug, half Pug/Chihuahua and she just shakes. She’s been half in love with Dorsey for awhile but when her opportunity to be with him backfires, all he finds is the Chug. This meeting is laugh out loud funny and sexy. Don’t worry, its not gross but hilarious! Dorsey is a panther shifter that has been bitten by a vampire. He only shares the blood lust of a vampire and the shifter capabilities. Once he shares his abilities with woman, most run away. They can’t handle the truth. Neither Dorsey or Sharla know about the other’s shifter identity. Once the secret is out, it blows both of them away.

When BJ, the vampire queen is kidnapped, Sharla has to figure out a way to find her friend and rescue her. The scene with your parents is priceless and very telling. Sharla has major self confidence issues and once she discovers that she has had the ability to save her, all hell breaks loose. Going from a timid woman to fearless woman is a sight to behold. Well written and again funny. The characterizations and writing are top notch in this book. Even the scenes with the “villian” Lenore are well written and yes, again, funny. A fat bat…just saying.

I’m hoping and praying that there is more in store for this series. I’m so hooked and I’m really intriqued now by Satan and his role in the series.

*I received this book as part of a blog tour for a fair and honest review*