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The Executive's Decision: The Keller Family Series

The Executive's Decision: The Keller Family Series - Bernadette Marie I will admit that I got this book free off of Amazon and boy am I glad that I did. I just another author that I probably would not have read. I have bought the second book in this series and plan on buying the others. The family dynamics of both the Keller and Benson are real and at times hilarious.

Regan Keller is an executive assistant that made one bad decision that nearly cost her own life. Moving back from Hawaii to heal and to be around her family has helped her move on with her life in some ways but she is still very leary around men, especially her new boss. Good looking, rich and saying all the right things to her, she believes that he will end up treating her the same way her old boss did.

Zach Benson is a driven man in his work and has never truly been in love before Regan. Once he meets her, he is instantly smitten. (Trust me, how they meet is priceless) He is a patient man when it comes to Regan and her emotions regarding men but knows that she is hiding something from him.

I adored this book from the first page and sighed when it ended. This book has everything that I want in a book. Passion, humor, a hero and heroine that I connected with from the start and the secondary characters are richly drawn and enhance the story not overtake it. While there is smexy in this book, it is sensually written and loving.

The family dynamics are nicely written, too. Not overpowering but you can feel the love that they have for one another. I can't wait to read the stories about the other Keller siblings. Don't miss the opening chapter of Carlos's book after Regan and Zach's story. I instantly went and bought his book and look forward to reading it.

Don't miss out on this beautifully written love story about a woman finding herself again through the love of man that regardless of what happened to her, will always love her.