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Beck And Call

Beck And Call - Nicole Morgan For such a short story, its packs a punch. Nicole Morgan is a new to me author but I will quickly rectify that soon. The story takes places in a span of a couple of days but I never felt like it was rushed. Jenny is the type of woman that has done everything right in her life but with a penny pinching boss to contend with at the resort sometimes its hard to be nice. When a plumbing emergency happens, she didn't expect to happen upon the very man that she had rejected for a handyman job.

Beck is an enigma. Cocksure, gorgeous, handy and then sweet, caring and sexy to boot. He has plenty of secrets, too. He isn't what he seems. I really liked Beck. He had me from the first page and never let go of me. I wanted to know more about him and what makes him tick. The genuine feelings that he had for Jenny were real and heartfelt. His twist at the end I never saw coming and it just made me love him more. ***hint for another book about Jenny and Beck***

While the bedroom scenes were hot, to me they were high sensual and felt real to me. The tenderness and the emotions were there between the two and made me sigh in the end.

If I had a complaint about the book is that I thought the ending was incomplete for me. I would have liked to know what was going to happen to the resort and Jenny's job. ***again, hint for a sequel*** I would highly recommend Beck & Call to anyone that wants a quick and fun read that brings two of the most opposite people together and makes them realize what is important to themselves.