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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire - Michele Hauf While Cinder was installing the new security system for the Council, Parish has slipped into their offices and stolen a device that she needs to save her dad's soul. Her dad is dying and she wants to give him his soul back before he dies. When Cinder and Certainly see someone on the monitor leaving their office, Cinder takes off to capture the thief. What he didn't expect to catch is a woman that would capture his heart.

What starts off a game of cat and mouse, ends up being so much more for both of them. Parish uses every wile she has to distract Cinder from locating the device so she can make her flight to Venice. Cinder has no intention of letting Parish keep the device.

When Cinder finally catches up with Parish, their passion burns hot and doesn't stop with one night. Cinder has no intention of letting her go. Parish can't believe that her feminine wiles didn't work on Cinder in stopping him from finding her again.

The world building that Michele Hauf has created in Playing with Fire is fantastic. I have read many of Ms. Hauf's books (Wicked Games and Bewitching the Dark are great series) and her sense of the paranormal is unmatched. She easily blends the mortal world with a paranormal world and it makes perfect sense. Makes me wish I lived there, too.

I highly recommend Playing with Fire for a truly entertaining game of cat and mouse that ends up with a demon and a vampire/witch finding true love. You knew, right?