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Sliding Home

Sliding Home - Amber Skyze Okay, I'll be honest. This is my first straight m/m book that I have ever read. Amber was having a sale on her Aspen books and I decided to try Sliding Home since I'm a huge, I mean HUGE baseball fan. I was not disappointed in my choice.

As a long time sports fan, I found that the underlying topic in the story is how gay men are treated in team sports. Its more acceptable in individual sports but in teams sports, its a no go. Amber relates this in her characters. Alex is a gay man that after the season, he will move up to the majors. Unfortunately, he leaves behind his best friend and teammate Rick. Alex and Rick have been friends since childhood and Rick knows about Alex's sexual preference. Its never bothered him before he started to develop deep emotional feelings for him. One encounter leads to another that Rick just doesn't understand. He pushes Alex away and almost loses his friendship in the process.

I was amazed out how drawn into the story I was from the beginning. I will admit that Bull Durham was running in my head when I read it. She has put out a story that is thought provoking, timely and an emotional satisfying read that would appeal to anyone.

Highly recommended for everyone. The emotions and dialogue will keep you coming back for more.