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Hot Vampire Seduction

Hot Vampire Seduction - Lisa Renee Jones I'm not sure where to begin with Aiden's story. The story picks up right after Hot Vampire Kiss and we meet Aiden and Troy again. They are after the werewolf that attacked Evan's wife Marissa leaving her for dead. Meanwhile the coroner, Kelly Riggs is working a series of cases involving a drug called Blood Red that is killing woman that go to certain clubs in Austin. She meets Aiden when he comes to her to ask her a few questions about the case.

Their chemistry is instant and hot. Aiden hasn't felt the need for a woman since he's girlfriend was killed and the need for Kelly is beyond his control. He feels the need to protect her and love her at the same time. Aiden is the brother that needs control and doesn't want to involve an another woman in his life. He loved once and was deeply hurt by the loss of not only his girlfriend but by his parents and his sister at the hands of a vampire. Kelly Riggs is a content woman in her life and in her work. Sure would she like a boyfriend; sure, you bet. She doesn't have time right now with the cases piling up and one determined detective on her heels pressing her for more information. Her attraction to Aiden is a distraction but a needed one when she finds herself in deep trouble.

Hot Vampire Seduction has it all for me. Crisp dialogue, characters that are likeable, suspense elements that are spot on, chemistry between two people that burned my Nook and a menage that I really didn't see coming. You have been warned but with that in mind, the menage that happens is necessary and makes complete sense in the world that Lisa has built. I normally don't go for that type of menage but Lisa wrote it beautifully.

I can hardly wait for the conclusion of the Brooks brothers trilogy. Troy is definitely going to be a handful and I look forward to reading it. I highly recommend Hot Vampire Seduction for the suspense, crisp dialogue and the redemption of one hero that never saw it coming.