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Hot Vampire Kiss

Hot Vampire Kiss - Lisa Renee Jones I'm a huge of Lisa Renee Jones and her Blaze books and when I was given the opportunity to read and write a review of her new erotic paranormal vampire series, I was in. I will admit that paranormal is not one of the genres that is a must read for me. I felt like since Twilight came out, the pool became a bit shallow for me. Ms. Jones proves again that she is a voice to be heard in the paranormal world.

The setting for the story is in my backyard. I knew everywhere Lisa was taking me in the story right down to the dump hotel. Sorry, not a spoiler but if you live in Texas, you will understand. This is the first book in a series about a trio of brothers that were turned during a vampire raid and were made wardens of the vampire world. Lisa has built a vampire world that makes sense to this reader and doesn't muck it up with anything fancy that will make you scratch your head and go what did she just say? Evan and Marissa became a part of me from the time they met and have stayed with me long after I closed my Nook. The siblings are much like any other siblings; protective, bossy, loving and most of all loyal to each other. You get a little bit of Troy's backstory in this book but it only enhances Evan and Marissa's story. Marissa doesn't even begin to comprehend what is happening to her except that she wants, I mean needs Evan. Their story starts off hot but ends rather sweetly. I applaud Ms. Jones for the somewhat of a cliffhanger in the end but don't worry, there is a HEA.

I would highly recommend Hot Vampire Kiss for anyone new to the genre that likes to super spicy hot and wants to really care about the characters that they are reading about. Plus, come on...the setting is Texas. What's not to like about that?